Uwharrie Hoof & Paddle LLC
Canoe and Kayak Rentals

is located in the Eldorado area of The Uwharrie Mountains.
This area is remote enough to be a welcome break
from urban life, but close enough to enjoy a
day or weekend trip.

We can accommodate large groups

Welcome to the
Uwharrie Mountains
The Uwharrie Mountains

At over 500 million years old, The Uwharrie Mountains are the oldest mountains in the United States.  Seeing the softly rolling hills of today, so densely covered in pine forest, one would never guess that the Uwharries were once a chain of huge volcanic jagged peaks reaching 20,000 feet high. The Uwharries are also home of the first large gold rush in the United States. Today the Uwharries offer a wide variety of tourism and recreation.

               The Uwharrie National Forest

The Uwharrie National Forest is small in comparison to some, consisting of a little over 50,000 acres. It was proclaimed a national forest in 1961 by, President John F. Kennedy. The diverse vegetation of the forest provides a habitat for a vast array of wildlife and allows for a variety of public activities.