Things You Should Know


You must assume responsibility for your safety and that of your children.
We do not assume liability for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property.  Each participate must read and sign a
RISK & RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM. Participants under age 18 must have form signed by their parents or legal guardian. 

Tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

Be prepared to get wet.

Never dive head first into the water.

Respect private property. Do not trespass.

We recommend that you not paddle alone.

Keep a look out for hazards on the river and avoid them. 

Dress for the weather and the water temperature.
Layer clothing so that you can add to or take off during the day.
Cold weather and/or cold water can result in hypothermia.
Bring additional dry clothes packed in a waterproof container.

Wear an eyeglass strap for any eyeglasses you bring.

Wear water shoes or old gym shoes to protect your feet. Avoid sandals and flip flops.

Bring drinking water, snacks and food in non-breakable containers. 

Tie a rope around your coolers so that they will stay closed if your boat overturns.

Bring allergy or other medications with you on the river. In case of emergencies, it may be several hours before help arrives to inaccessible areas. Keep in water proof containers.

When encountering rapids, get on your knees in the bottom of the boat. This keeps your center of gravity low, which in turn, makes the boat more stable.

Items you may want to bring:
insect repellent
first aid kit
a whistle or other signaling device for use in emergencies.

The following is a copy of the Risk and Release of Liability Form you will be required to sign.

Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle LLC
165 Maynor Drive,   Troy, NC 27371
Participant Rental Agreement and Release of Liability

IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY. This Liability Release and Assumption of Risk affects your legal rights and must be signed by all participants using equipment offered by Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle, regardless of age. For participants under 18 years of age a parent or guardian must sign and agree to these terms on behalf of the minor participant and themselves.

WARNING: There are risk and dangers inherent to canoeing/kayaking. These risk include, but are not limited to: loss or damage to personal property, bodily injury or fatality, collision with an object, immersion in water, hypothermia, falling while on board a vessel or on shore, accidents or injuries in remote places away from medical facilities, sun, cold, wind, rain, lightning, hail, flash floods, water which may be fast moving, deep, cold, subject to rapid changes, debris, trees, rocks, dams, bridges, and other unforeseeable objects or events. Occupants may become separated from craft, body may become entrapped in craft, rocks, or other objects possibly under water. Other risks include, but are not limited to errors in judgment, unpredictable acts of nature and improper assessment of abilities, transportation to and from water activities. Participants may also incur bites, stings, allergic reactions, overexertion, heat stroke, illness due to contaminated water, bumps, cuts, bruises, strains, broken bones, and other injuries.

Participant and the parent or guardian of a minor participant acknowledge and understand that the description of activities and risk listed above are not complete and that all activities, whether or not described may be dangerous and may include risk which are inherent and can not be reasonably avoided without changing the nature of the activity. 

There are NO life guards on river or lakes. For your safety, you are encouraged to wear a personal floatation device. Children under  age 18 must wear a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device at all times when on or near the river/lake.

Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle has made no effort to determine, and accepts no responsibility for, medical, physical or other qualifications or the suitability of participants for the activities. Participant and the parent or guardian of minor participant, accepts full responsibility for determining participants medical, physical or other qualifications or suitability for participating in the activities. Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle is not responsible for the water conditions, routes or other activities of renters of its equipment. Participants should always wear a fastened personal floatation device Participants should wear footwear that will provide protection from sharp objects or foot entrapment. Failure to adhere to safety precautions may lead to serious injury or death.

I the participant and/or the guardian of a minor participant understand the nature and risk that may occur with these activities. I acknowledge and assume all risk of the activity described or not, known or unknown. I take full responsibility for any injury or loss, including death, which I, or a minor child for whom I sign may incur in part or whole due to these activities.
I the participant and/or the guardian of a minor participant specifically release Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle, Scott Maynor and Angela Routh, all heirs, relatives and employees, from any liability from any rights of action or claim associated with the rental of their equipment. The terms hereof shall serve as a release and express assumption of risk for me, my heirs, executors, administrators, and all members of my family including the families of any minors accompanying me. 

I the participant authorize Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle to provide or obtain for me or the minor children for whom I sign, medical care as it considers necessary, and I agree to pay all cost associated with such care and transportation. Any dispute between Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle and me or the minor child for whom I sign will be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina and any mediation or suit shall take place only in Montgomery County, North Carolina. I agree to pay all cost and attorney’s fees incurred by Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle in defending a claim or suit brought by me or on behalf of the minor for whom I sign, if the claim or suit is withdrawn or to the extent a court or mediator determines that Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle is not responsible for the claim or loss.

I the participant/guardian further agree to be responsible for all equipment including, canoes/kayaks, paddles, life vest, and/or any other equipment issued to me. I will inspect all equipment prior to using in order to determine that it is in safe condition and seaworthy. I agree to return it in the same general condition. I understand that all equipment is to be returned at least one hour before dark or there will be added charges. I understand that there will be additional charges for any equipment that is deliberately damaged.

I acknowledge that I and the children in my care have been offered a life vest and understand how to use them. I agree that all minors for whom I sign will wear a PFD while on or near water.

This agreement is entered into voluntarily and after careful consideration and I understand that it is binding to the fullest extent allowed by the law. If any part of this agreement is found by a court to be invalid, the remainder of the agreement shall be in full force and effective. 


Bring plenty of drinking water for everyone in your boat.

Everything you take with you on the boat is at risk of getting lost and/or wet. 

Wear a properly fitted Personal Floatation Device (PFD) at all times when on and
around the water. Do not accept a PFD if it is torn or if buckles or fasteners
are not functioning properly. 

You are in control of your rental boat while on the water.
The river is a natural environment with downed trees, rocks and changing water depth and current speeds.
Man-made obstructions such as bridge piers and dams should be avoided and you should
be ready for possible weather changes. Be sure your boat
is in good condition before starting the trip. Do not overload the boat.  

All children under 13 must wear a PFD when on a recreational vessel that is underway.
Uwharrie Pontoon & Paddle LLC
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